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Author Tim DorseyTim Dorsey is the author best known for his series starring Serge A. Storms, his high-strung straight-edged, mentally disturbed vigilante anti-hero who enforces his moral code on low-life criminals across the state of Florida.

In his latest Storms novel, Mermaid Confidential, Serge and his sidekick Coleman have decided to settle down for a bit in the Florida Keys community of Pelican Bay. But the community is at war with investors who are buying up units and leasing them to young vacationers who party at all hours. With their little slice of heaven on the line, Serge takes it upon himself to convince the tourists to move on and quickly becomes a local favorite.

Meanwhile, the island chain’s long and rich smuggling heritage is causing mayhem—a gang war erupts when a local drug lord passes the family business to his young, enterprising son, and the sun-loving residents are suddenly dodging bullets.

Luckily, Florida’s most lovable serial killer is there to help!

Dorsey earned a bachelors in Transportation from the University of Auburn, and also served as editor of the student newspaper there. After graduating, Dorsey moved to Montgomery, Alabama to work as a police and courts reporter for The Alabama Journal.

He then made his return to Florida joined The Tampa Tribune, where he worked as a general assignment reporter, political reporter, copy desk editor, and finally night metro editor. In his last year working there, Dorsey's debut novel, Florida Roadkill (1999), was published, and he retired from the Tribune shortly thereafter in order to pursue novel-writing full time.

Dorsey was born in Indiana in 1961, but was swiftly relocated to Florida, where he grew up in the small town of Riviera Beach.

Dorsey currently lives in Tampa, Florida and says he will never leave.

You can find a signed copy of Mermaid Confidential and other Tim Dorsey signed books below.

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Mermaid Confidential
Signed First Edition

Mermaid Confidential by Tim Dorsey

Tropic of Stupid
Signed First Edition

Tropic of Stupid by Tim Dorsey

Naked Came the Florida Man
Signed First Edition

Naked Came the Florida Man by Tim Dorsey

No Sunscreen for the Dead
Signed First Edition

No Sunscreen for the Dead by Tim Dorsey

The Pope of Palm Beach
Signed First Edition

The Pope of Palm Beach by Tim Dorsey

Clownfish Blues
Signed First Edition

Clownfish Blues by Tim Dorsey
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Tim Dorsey Bibliography

Serge Storm Series

  • Florida Roadkill - 1999
  • Hammerhead Ranch Motel - 2000
  • Orange Crush - 2001
  • Triggerfish Twist - 2002
  • The Stingray Shuffle - 2003
  • Cadillac Beach - 2004
  • Torpedo Juice - 2005
  • The Big Bamboo - 2006
  • Hurricane Punch - 2007
  • Atomic Lobster - 2008
  • Nuclear Jellyfish - 2009
  • Gator A-Go-Go - 2010
  • Electric Barracuda - 2011
  • When Elves Attack - 2011
  • Pineapple Grenade - 2012
  • The Riptide Ultra-Glide - 2013
  • Tiger Shrimp Tango - 2014
  • Shark Skin Suite - 2015
  • Coconut Cowboy - 2016
  • Clownfish Blues - 2017
  • The Pope of Palm Beach - 2018
  • No Sunscreen for the Dead - 2019
  • Naked Came the Florida Man - 2020
  • Tropic of Stupid - 2021
  • Mermaid Confidential - 2022

Other Books

  • Florida Roadkill: A Survival Guide - 2010
  • Squall Lines: Selected Articles & Essays - 2012

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