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New Clive Cussler adventures, new Leonard McGill mysteries, edgy alternate histories, Jack the Ripper, and make sure to catch the new FIGHT CLUB prequel short story in Chuck Palahniuk's new short story anthology!
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Upcoming New Release Titles!
Cussler, Clive & Morrison, Boyd - Piranha (Double-Signed First Edition)
Clive Cussler
& Boyd Morrison

2015 NY: Penguin/OR: Norwood Press

During a covert operation, Cabrillo and the crew discover that a traitorous American weapons designer has completed the German scientist's work, and now wields extraordinary power, sending the Oregon on a race against time to stop an attack that could lead to one man ruling over the largest empire the world has ever known...

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Kate AtkinsonAtkinson, Kate - God in Ruins, A (Signed First Edition)
2015 NY: Little, Brown

A GOD IN RUINS tells the dramatic story of the 20th Century through Ursula's beloved younger brother Teddy--would-be poet, heroic pilot, husband, father, and grandfather-as he navigates the perils and progress of a rapidly changing world. After all that Teddy endures in battle, his greatest challenge is living in a future he never expected to have.

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Nelson DemilleDemille, Nelson - Radiant Angel (Signed First Edition)
20215 NY: Grand Central Publishing

After a showdown with the notorious Yemeni terrorist known as The Panther, John Corey's new assignment with the DSG - surveilling Russian diplomats working at the U.N. Mission - is thought to be "a quiet end," and he is more than happy to be out from under the thumb of the FBI and free from the bureaucracy of office life.

But Corey realizes something the U.S. government doesn't: The all-too-real threat of a newly resurgent Russia.

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Peter HigginsHiggins, Peter - Radiant State (Signed First Edition)
2015 NY: Orbit

The Vlast stands two hundred feet tall, four thousand tons of steel ready to be flung upwards on the fire of atom bombs. Ready to take the dream of President-Commander of the New Vlast General, Osip Rizhin, beyond the bounds of this world.

Peter Higgins's superb and original creation, a perfect melding of fantasy, myth, SF and political thriller, reaches its extraordinary conclusion.

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Steven HunterHunter, Stephen - I, Ripper (Signed First Edition)
2015 NY: Simon & Schuster

I, Ripper is a vivid reimagining of Jack's personal story entwined with that of an Irish journalist who covered the case, knew the principals, charted the investigation, and at last, stymied, went off in a bold new direction. These two men stalk each other through a city twisted in fear of the madman's blade, a cat-and-mouse game that brings to life the sounds and smells of the fleshpot tenderloin of Whitechapel and all the lurid acts that fueled the Ripper headlines.

Dripping with intrigue, atmosphere, and diabolical twists, this is a magnificent psychological thriller from perennial New York Times bestseller Stephen Hunter, who the San Francisco Examiner calls "one of the best storytellers of his generation."

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Walter MosleyMosley, Walter - And Sometimes I Wonder About You (Signed First Edition)
2015 NY: Penguin

In the fifth Leonid McGill novel, Leonid finds himself in an unusual pickle of trying to balance his cases with his chaotic personal life...

The welcome return of Leonid McGill, Walter Mosley's NYC-based private eye, his East Coast foil to his immortal L.A.-based detective Easy Rawlins. As the Boston Globe raved, "A poignantly real character, [McGill is] not only the newest of the great fictional detectives, but also an incisive and insightful commentator on the American scene."

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Bernard CornwellCornwell, Bernard - Waterloo (Signed First Edition)
2015 NY: HarperCollins

In his first work of non-fiction, Cornwell combines his storytelling skills with a meticulously researched history to give a riveting account of every dramatic moment, from Napoleon's escape from Elba to the smoke and gore of the battlefields.

Published ahead of the upcoming bicentenary in 2015, Waterloo is a tense and gripping story of heroism and tragedy - and of the final battle that determined the fate of Europe.

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Chuck PalahniukPalahniuk, Chuck - Make Something Up (Signed First Edition)
2015 NY: Doubleday

Stories you'll never forget - just try! - from literature's favorite transgressive author

Representing work that spans several years, Make Something Up is a compilation of 21 stories and one novella (some previously published, some not) that will disturb and delight.

The absurdity of both life and death are on full display; and in "Expedition," fans will be thrilled to find to see a side of Tyler Durden never seen before in a precusor story to Fight Club.

Funny, caustic, bizarre, poignant; these stories represent everything readers have come to love and expect from Chuck Palahniuk.

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New Arrivals
Morrell, David - Inspector of the Dead (Signed First Edition)

Rose, M.J. - Witch of Painted Sorrows, The (Signed First Edition)

Woods, Stuart - Hot Pursuit (Signed First Edition)

Kerr, Philip - Lady From Zagreb, The (Signed First Edition)

Patterson, James & de Jonge, Peter - Miracle at Augusta (First Edition)

Smith, Alexander McCall - Emma: A Modern Retelling (Signed First Edition)

Boyle, T.C. - The Harder They Come (Signed First Edition)

Adler-Olsen, Jussi - Alphabet House, The (Signed First Edition)

Reichs, Kathy - Terminal (Signed First Edition)

Coben, Harlan - Stranger, The (Signed First Edition)

White, Randy Wayne - Cuba Straits (Signed First Edition)

Delaney, Luke - Jackdaw, The (Signed First Edition UK)

Mathews, Francine - Too Bad to Die (Signed First Edition)

Pearson, Ridley - Kingdom Keepers VIII: The Syndrome (Signed First Edition)

Pyper, Andrew - Damned, The (Signed First Edition)

Abel, James - White Plague (Signed First Edition)