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Author Alan Jacobson After our success funding and publishing six previous titles by New York Times bestselling author Alan Jacobson, Norwood Press is proud to bring you the opportunity to join with us in publishing DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, Alan Jacobson's latest book in his ever-popular OPSIG series. A new Norwood Press exclusive-hardcover edition.

"THE THRILL RIDE OF A LIFETIME, a nonstop tale of high adventure and cutting-edge technology that Tom Clancy's most ardent fans will absolutely love." - Gayle Lynds

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DARK SIDE OF THE MOON - a Norwood Press hardcover exclusive June 2018!
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Why was the Apollo Space Program abruptly canceled after the flight of Apollo 17?

What did Commander Eugene Cernan and Dr. Harrison Schmitt find on the surface of the moon?

In his latest novel, bestselling author Alan Jacobson takes us on a thrill ride as the OPSIG operatives go to the moon to secure a rare new mineral that may be key to the world's most powerful weapon.

America’s safety is on the line. Dangerous missions need to be carried out and they can’t be traced back to the United States. Who gets the call?

“Black” missions the United States government cannot sanction—or acknowledge—fall under the purview of OPSIG, the Operations Support Intelligence Group, run out of a secret office in the basement of the Pentagon. Hector DeSantos, a covert special forces operative introduced in The Hunted, teams up with other OPSIG Team Black members—including Aaron “Uzi” Uziel, FBI profiler Karen Vail, and the clandestine group’s founder, FBI Director Douglas Knox.

Their mission: keep America safe from terror attacks, international assassins, rogue governments intent on doing the US harm, and other threats the public will never know about. From the streets of America to the back alleys of Gaza, England, France, and a variety of exotic locales, OPSIG’s global reach takes on exceedingly dangerous and far-reaching missions with such authenticity that a real Navy SEAL described them as, “Incredibly realistic. This is how we did it in the SEAL teams.”

Norwood Press is using their Crowd Funding Platform, FANFARE, to finance this exciting new title.

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is scheduled for release in Jun 2018.

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