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Dear John:

Please help me with a question I have about one Vince Flynn book. Title is Term Limits, It says copyright 1997, it also says First Atria Books hardcover edition November 2004. It has a red dust cover and all the numbers like 10 thru 1 are present. I know the original came out in 1997 or 8, just what was the original first printing, first edition? What color dust cover did it have and what book company came out with it. What do I have with the red dust cover? Thank you, I have bought three VF books from you with complete satisfaction and now looking for Transfer of Power next. (Ted, Alabama)

John responds:

The hardcover "true first" of Term Limits by Vince Flynn was printed in August 1997 (ISBN: 0-9658510-0-1 / 978-0-9658510-0-8 (USA edition)). The publisher was Cloak & Dagger Press, Incorporated, and it was a small run/independant press. It was reprinted in June 1998 (ISBN: 0-671-02317-9 / 978-0-671-02317-1 (USA edition)) by Atria Press and this edition is technically a "first thus." It was again reprinted by Atria in November 2004, (ISBN: 0-7432-7502-0 / 978-0-7432-7502-6 (USA edition)), again, a "first thus."

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