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Dear Virginia:

Virginia, let's be honest. Aren't e-books going to kill the independent bookseller?

Amanda H.

Virginia Replies:

Dear Amanda:

Actually, no! In a 2011 survey we took of our customers over 81% indicated that purchasing e-books will have no effect on future book purchases. They consider collecting and reading different considerations.

We see the elite publisher network (the big 5 in New York) to be our biggest concern. They promote only authors that will bring mega-store order quantities and are leaving the new and emerging writer-artist to their own devices.

E-books do have their place in the marketplace, but we are confident that print books aren't going anywhere. Most folks use them to travel, or to give an author or series a try before they purchase a bound title.

Be assured, VJ Books and (our imprint) Norwood Press are doing everything we can to ensure that you will continue to have access to high quality signed and collectible fiction titles!


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