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Arnaldur Indridason

Arnaldur Indridason (Arnaldur Indridason), born 28 January 1961, has repeatedly proved to be the most popular writer in Iceland in recent years - topping bestseller lists year after year. At one week in the summer of 2003, his crime novels occupied the top five spots in the Icelandic bestseller list and in the year 2004 his books were seven of the ten most popular titles borrowed in Reykjavik City Library.

Having worked for many years as a journalist and critic for an Icelandic newspaper, he began writing novels. Arnaldur published his first book, Sons of Dust (Synir duftsins) in 1997 and many believe that that publication marked the start of a new wave of Icelandic crime fiction. He has been praised by American crime writer Harlan Coben: 'The best new series I've read this year comes from Iceland. Arnaldur Indridason is already an international literary phenom -- and it's easy to see why. His novels are gripping, authentic, haunting and lyrical. I can't wait for the next.'

Arnaldur's books have been published in 26 countries and have been translated into German, Danish, English, Italian, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Arnaldur received the Glass Key award, a literature prize for the best Nordic crime novel, in 2002 and 2003. He won the CWA Gold Dagger Award in 2005 for the novel Silence of the Grave.

In his latest novel, The Girl By the Bridge, an elderly couple is worried about their granddaughter. They know she's been smuggling drugs, and now she's gone missing. Looking for help, they turn to Konrad, a former policeman whose reputation precedes him. But digging into the past reveals much more than anyone set out to discover, and a little girl who drowned in the Reykjavik city pond unexpectedly captures everyone's attention.
A brilliant, chilling tale of broken dreams and children who have nowhere to turn.

Arnaldur Indridason Book List
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The Girl by the Bridge
Signed First Edition

The Girl by the Bridge by Arnaldur Indridason

The Darkness Knows
Signed First Edition

The Darkness Knows by Arnaldur Indridason

The Shadow Killer
Signed First Edition

The Shadow Killer by Arnaldur Indridason

Reykjavik Nights
First 1st UK Edition

Reykjavik Nights by Arnaldur Indridason

Black Skies
First 1st UK Edition

BLACK SKIES by Arnaldur Indridason

Operation Napoleon
Signed First Edition

Operation Napoleon by Arnaldur Indridason

Arnaldur Indridason Bibliography

The Young Erlendur Cases

  1. The Great Match - 2011
  2. Oblivion (Kamp Knox) - 2014

Detective Konrad

  1. The Darkness Knows - 2021
  2. The Girl by the Bridge - 2023

Detective Erlendur Series

  1. Sons of Dust - 1997
  2. Silent Kill - 1998
  3. Jar City - 2000
  4. Silence of the Grave - 2001
  5. Voices - 2003
  6. The Draining Lake - 2004
  7. Arctic Chill - 2005
  8. Hypothermia - 2007
  9. Outrage - 2008
  10. Black Skies - 2009
  11. Strange Stories - 2010
  12. Reykjavik Nights - 2014 (UK)

Flovent and Thorson Thrillers

  • The Darkness Knows - 2017
  • The Girl by the Bridge - 2023

Other Novels

  • Bettę - 2003
  • Operation Napoleon - 2011

Arnaldur Indridason Awards

  • Glass Key Award - Best Nordic Crime Novel - 2002 & 2003
  • CWA Gold Dagger Award - 2005
  • RBA International Prize for Crime Writing - 2013

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