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Author Grant Blackwood

Author Grant BlackwoodI know I'm not supposed to reveal this, but Grant Blackwood is one of my favorites - favorite author and favorite person.

He has frequently found his work in the top of the NY Times list with books that he has written for Clive Cussler (the Fargo Adventures), Tom Clancy (Dead or Alive), and most recently James Rollins (Tucker Wayne Series).

However, prior to working with some of the most recognized names in modern fiction he penned three books of his own. Meet covert agent Briggs Tanner. For over fifteen years Tanner has been a US intelligence agent, surviving by skill and wits. He doesn't like coincidences, in his business, they usually signal trouble.

There are three books in the Briggs Tanner collection - In END OF ENEMIES, Tanner witnesses the end of a man's life, which is only the beginning of a breathless race against a merciless enemy. In WALL OF NIGHT, Tanner will return to China, where his mission failed over a decade earlier, and where he may finally get his chance at redemption. In ECHO OF WAR, a weapon that is nearly one-hundred-years-old could be the start of World War III if Briggs Tanner can't bury it, permanently.

The Wall of Night by Grant BlackwoodNearly eight years ago I first became aware of Grant Blackwood as he began his three book adventure with Clive Cussler. At that time I found a small cache of mint copies of WALL OF NIGHT, and shipped them off to Grant to sign.

Those copies, sitting safely in Grant's garage for all these years, have been a comedic spot in our relationship. Totally unexpected, and without prior notice, I recently received two boxes from Grant containing the mostly forgotten copies of WALL OF NIGHT.

Checking around I only found about a dozen copies of this elusive title available for sale - and only three collectible unsigned copies at about $80 a piece. Our signed copies are in mint, new/unread condition and are available for a limited time for only $19.99.

You will love Briggs Tanner - guaranteed.

Thanks Grant!