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Dear John:

I would appreciate it if you could clear up something for me regarding James Rollins' early books. I first became aware of James Rollins with your offering of Map of Bones. I enjoyed it so much I immediately began searching for his earlier works. Being a collector, I naturally wanted signed first editions whenever possible. I had minimal difficulty locating Sandstorm, Ice Hunt, then Amazonia. However, at that point the search became a little fuzzy. There are still three early books I don't yet have, Subterranean, Excavation, and Deep Fathom. It appears that these three were paperback originals. Is this true? Have any of the three ever been released in hardcover? Thanks to VJBooks it has been easy to acquire Mr. Rollins' subsequent books, but these first three continue to elude me. (Judy, Texas)

John responds:

Yes, Subterranean, Excavation, and Deep Fathom were originally released in paperback, and they have not been released in hardcover edition (yet).

You might also want to seek out science fiction books written by Rollins under the name of James Clemens. Good reading!

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