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Dear John:
I just received my signed copy of "Odd Apocalypse" by Dean Koontz and I was disappointed to see a silver sticker on the dust jacket that said "Signed Copy". As a collector, I don't like anything on the book which could detract from its value. I was able to remove the sticker without damaging the dust jacket.

I realize that if another company put these stickers on, there isn't much you can do about it. However, if you are starting to mark your books this way, would you please consider putting the sticker on the dust jacket protector, like you do the sticker? That way it can easily be removed without harming the book in any way.

Otherwise, it looks like a great copy as always!


John replies:

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback. We couldn't agree more! With the jacket being over half the value of a collectible book, it is frustrating when the publishers put anything on the jacket.

Odd Apocalypse KoontzWe typically remove stickers but in the case of Odd Apocalypse we didn't want to risk damaging the jacket. Many books received from the publishers already signed have stickers attached. It might be that they put them on to prevent mix-up at the distribution center.

Occasionally the stickers are put on while the lacquer on the jacket is not quite dry. In this case removing the sticker pulls the lacquer from the jacket, leaving a dull spot. So, be cautious when removing stickers.

We recommend using light heat (hair dryer) to loosen the glue before attempting to remove the sticker.


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