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Carlos Ruiz Zafon Carlos Ruiz Zafon (June 19, 2020) was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1964. The close proximity of his parents' house to Gaudi's Sagrada Familia cathedral made a lasting impression on the child's imagination. Even as a 10 year-old, he wrote Gothic tales which kept his schoolmates up all night - a talent which would later help him to achieve great success. After his student days, he worked in advertising for a few years, which he finally gave up so that he could thoroughly devote himself to literature. He began his publishing career by writing novels for young adults. His first novel, El Príncipe de la Niebla (1993) (Releasing in the US in 2010 as The Prince of Mist), earned the Edebé Literary Prize for young adult fiction.

In 2001 he published the novel La sombra del viento (The Shadow of the Wind), which has sold millions of copies worldwide, more than a million copies in the UK alone. Since its publication, La sombra del viento has garnered critical acclaim around the world and has won numerous international awards. Ruiz Zafon's works have been published in 45 countries and have been translated into more than 40 languages.

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Carlos Ruiz Zafon Bibliography

The Cemetery of Forgotten Books Series

  1. The Shadow of the Wind - 2004
  2. The Angel's Game - 2009
  3. The Prisoner of Heaven - 2012
  4. The Labyrinth of Spirits - September 2018

Young Adult Novels

  • The Prince of Mist - 2010
  • The Midnight Palace - 2011
  • The Watcher in the Shadows - 2013
  • Marina - 2014

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