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Dear John:

First of all, let me thank you for the outstanding quality of your services and products!

As a beginner book collector, I find myself in a situation where when I buy a signed first edition of the authors I like, I have to choose to either keep the book in immaculate condition by not reading it or just go ahead and READ the book.

The simplest solution would be to buy a paperback edition and be done with it, but I'd rather buy an EPUB version of the book - let me keep my material footprint reasonably small.

So the question to you - have you ever considered to offer a BUNDLE: a collectible book + EPUB edition (or a collectible book + inexpensive paperback)?

I'd definitely consider buying such.


John Replies:
Dear Alex,

We have considered this . . . however, the deck is stacked against independent booksellers when it comes to selling ebooks. First, the ebook distributors exclude those of us who sell used books or specialty items like signed books, and secondly they require a $10,000 buy in just to get started. The system really favors BN and Amazon (like that's news). We are hopeful that it will loosen up in the future. When it does we WILL bundle.

For newer titles, the ebook is the only alternative as paperbacks don't yet exist. On older titles, I recommend picking up a paperback at Goodwill or other thrift store, then pass it on when you are done.

Reading CopyWe do have a growing inventory of slightly damaged copies that we don't know what to do with. We have put them on the site as "Reading Copies" for a nominal charge.

I hope this helps

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