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Dear John:
I have bought the book you suggested (McBride's Pocket Guide to Identification of 1st Editions) to determine first editions but I'm still having trouble determining what's what. If the ISBN number shows the book to be a first edition but the book itself doesn't meet the requirements of the McBride guide which is probably correct? Also is there a web site or location where the first edition ISBN numbers can be located? Thanks for any help you may offer.
VJ is a great resource and I find I spend way too much money on books - but it probably beats wild women, booze and late nightsÉso you'll probably keep hearing from me.

Thanks, Jim (Texas)

John replies:

The ISBN will indicate first edition but not first printing. So you have to rely on McBride's guide for first printings. Later printings use the same ISBN as first printings. The ISBN only changes when the book has been revised, a format change (i.e. paperback, etc.).
If you have a particular book in question, please feel free to check with us -
- John
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