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What our friends are saying...

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- "Hi Roxanne. Thank you so much for the quick response! I have plenty of right hand, left hand moments, so I totally understand. Thank you so much for the extension! By the way, I love your site. Your books are all in such great condition! I will only order from VJ Books from here on out! :)" - Rose P.

- "I received my books today and I appreciate that you wrapped them in bubble wrap so that they were more protected. I've ordered many books from various sites and I will be doing business with you again because of the extra steps you took in making sure my product made it to me safely and your awesome customer service." - Carlie L.

- "Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know that I received my order this past weekend and everything was beautifully packaged, wrapped, and protected. It was my first time ordering from you and I greatly appreciate all the care you've put into the shipping. I am so excited to gift the Jurassic Park book set to my s/o. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I can't wait to order from you guys again. I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays!" - Kelly T.

- "Hi Roxanne. If I might offer a testimonial on your behalf, I can say that in my pursuit of completing my collection, I have purchased books from many online stores, including several of your competitors. None of them offers what you do. Your packaging and shipping is absolutely peerless, both in terms of the quality of presentation of the books themselves as well as the care taken in packing each box. I look forward to each book that Neil publishes both for the content and (now) so that I might order a signed first edition from you. Thank you for your obvious commitment to consummate customer service and quality products." - Douglas B.

- "Thank you for all the tips/suggestions on so many varied authors. Just another of your thoughtful services." - Stephen F.

- "Thanks for the great packing job on the last order. The box took a major beating on the way here, but the books inside were perfect. I'm overly picky so I appreciate extra careful packaging." - Pete H.

- "Hi Roxanne. Thanks for your quick reply. I have just ordered the book and a signed bookplate from Dean Koontz. Your website is wonderful for the collectors." - Fabien L.

- "Thanks for all the books over the years. As much as I enjoy reading a good novel, I hate standing in line to purchase it!! I don't really collect autographed versions. However I find it gratifying knowing that the author that spent the time to put the pen to paper and write the novel also took the time to sign the copy I'm reading. I appreciate the availability and ease of ordering books through VJ Books!" - Joseph O.

- "I wanted to let you know that I received the book yesterday and could not be more pleased. It is a beautifully handsome copy and adds significantly to my library. I could have not asked for a better copy. I thank you for such a wonderful book and hope our paths cross again in the future." - Jeffrey G.

- "Just wanted to say thanks for highlighting authors. I always read every email and enjoy finding new authors that I had previously did not know about to add to my collection. It's a great way to get out of my comfort zone. Great Bookstore!" - Julie K.

- "My name is Kenny and I just received my signed first edition copy of “Last Man Standing” by David Baldacci. It arrived in three days and I’m very, very pleased with it. I will definitely recommend your website to all of my other friends who love to read. I hope to hear from you and have a great day!" - Kenny N.

- "Thanks very much Roxanne. This was my first purchase from your company and I will be back. The true test of a good company is how they handle it when things don't go smoothly. Thanks for your prompt reply." - Ronald C.

- "Just received my order (Faceoff and The Mozart Conspiracy). As always, you folks have the best book, at the best prices, and the best discounts!" - John E.

- "Thanks, Roxanne, for your prompt reply. Quality books and excellent customer service are two of the many things I love about VJ Books. I have no problem waiting as long as it takes for "Tibetan Peach Pie." It'll be worth the wait." - Kathy H.

- "Just wanted to say I received my copy of Stephen King’s book, Mr Mercedes today. Thank you as always, for covering the book in a protective wrap plus bubble wrap, I appreciate it. I can’t wait to delve into it, and then l look forward to ordering Revival!" - Suzanne B.

- "Thank you so much Roxanne. You all have been so wonderful to work with and I thank you for your professionalism and appreciate the care you have given to me in my search for books." - Patty D.

- "Thanks so much, Roxanne. I know I've said it before but I just want to say again I really love your store's book club program. I was part of another store's book club program in the past but it was nowhere near as organized or on top of things as yours is (it was also impossible to ever contact them about the book club, so you have a big one up on them in that regard)." - Connor M.

- "I'm very grateful for your email. I seldom work with booksellers as on-the-ball as you are. Again, thank you." - David N.

- "I like the opportunity to commend you and all of John and Virginia’s staff on the continued excellent service that you provide. Nothing is ever too much trouble for any of you and your e-mail’s (or correspondence) is always with a pleasant tone. VJ Books and the staff are a credit to online retailing. Well done to you all!" - Robyn C.

- "I feel like a little kid in a candy store! Walked out to grab the daily mail and, low and behold, a huge box from VJ Books. Now I'm used to the standard box size from my normal shipments, so I was thrown off on this one. Once I opened and inspected the invoice, I became well aware of the ongoing gift before me. Just a simple note of thank you." - Doug D.

- "I just received my signed first edition copy of “Last Man Standing” by David Baldacci. It arrived in three days and I’m very, very pleased with it. I will definitely recommend your website to all of my other friends who love to read. I hope to hear from you and have a great day!" - Kenny N.

"John, Virginia, Roxanne & the crew that serve me with such grace - THANK YOU! Coming home after a few days of house/dog sitting while some great friends where out of town I spotted a package on my doorstop. First inspection & sighting prompted me to the fact that it was from my dear VJ Books. Because of my accident I had to automatically go into test mode to try to identify what it was before opening the box. That is right - my wonderful birthday gift from John & the crew. So sitting down at my computer I did the opening & then fell into awe. A leather bound edition off of my wish list - o my goodness gracious! Opening it up for initial logging of the data into my collection archives I was then pushed back into total awe. A NN, my exact collection letters to a T. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart with the love of a true collector, client & believer in the VJ Books family." - D.D.

- "Item received sooner than expected. The item is exactly what I wanted and I'm very satisfied with the transaction". - S.Y.

- "Book arrived in perfect condition. Very, very pleased!" - V.W.

-"Perfect condition, shipped quickly/securely. Thank you!" - W.H.

- "I received my book yesterday. Wow!! What fantastic service. Thank you very much. It worked out that I not only got one fantastic book, I got two. You are the greatest!" - Janice

- "Virginia and John - Just wanted to extend many thanks for the hard work in getting the book out (No Way Out by Alan Jacobson). I know some people were rather grumpy with the slight delay, but I've come to realize that there are those who are never happy even when things go perfect. I sincerely hope they did not detract too much from the overall success of the project for the two of you. My copy arrived today in perfect condition, as always. Please also extend my thanks to Alan for the very nice signed card. I look forward to reading it since my paperback copy arrived today as well." - Jackie

- Just wanted to let you know I received my order today and it arrived packaged very well with no damage at all. Thank you so much! My first transaction with you has been great. I will be buying from you again and recommending you to my friends :] I've also added a link to your site on my blog so hopefully I can send more people your way. - Christine

- You will never know how much I have enjoyed buying from your company. The customer service is the best for you always look out for us! With kindest regards…Paulette

- As a serious collector who has purchased several hundred books from you, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your store. Your books are reasonably priced, never bumped or crinkled, well packaged and delivered on time. When you say a book is new/unread, you can bank on it. Thanks. Stan

- I have had the pleasure of obtaining and reading great autographed books from your company for many years. I followed my instincts when I responded to your recom-mendation to obtain "The Creole Belle" by James Lee Burke. I had never read any of his novels, and I was absolutely thrilled by his word craft. Thank you for the recommendation. Keep up the quality work! Best Regards, Mitch

- I really love your site and doing business with you. To be able to find signed David Baldacci's, Michael Koryta's, and all the other books I've found is a real thrill for me. Thanks, Tim

- VJ Books is an incredible company. Douglas

- I just received the book and wanted to write to you and your team and say a big Thank You for getting it here not just "in time", but early! You have a loyal customer and I will definitely be promoting you to all of my friends. Many Thanks, Kenneth

- I have had the pleasure of obtaining and reading great autographed books from your company for many years. I followed my instincts when I responded to your recom-mendation to obtain "The Creole Belle" by James Lee Burke. I had never read any of his novels, and I was absolutely thrilled by his word craft. Thank you for the recommendation. Keep up the quality work! Best Regards, Mitch

- Thought you would like to hear that the recipient was completely thrilled with her beautiful book. You offer a truly wonderful service and in the coming days of disappearing "REAL'" books, I love the idea that I am able to procure some very special, First Edition, signed copies of near and dear "old friends." Thank you, Leslie

- Dear V and J - "Cussler"s book, "The Storm", came yesterday, 6/23/2012, in, as usual, fine shape! Thanks yet again for your rapid service. T.

- Dear V and J - Mosley's book, "Last Days of Ptolemy Grey", came on the 16th while we were in New Mexico at a wedding. It's in great shape! Thanks for the rapid service. Tom and Libby

- Dear John - Thank you for answering my question--and for doing it so quickly. I hadn't even expected a direct reply, I'd just intended to check your web site in hopes my question might make the cut sometime. So, am I impressed? Absolutely. I really appreciate your help--and look forward to being a repeat customer. K.C.

- Alan Jacobson's new book, "Hard Target", came yesterday, 7/10/2012, in perfect shape!! Thank you for the rapid service. And also for the coupon! Tommy

- Just wanted to let you know that I received the signed Night Eternal book - it was nicely packaged and arrived safe and sound... The book itself is in excellent condition, and I'm already 100 pages in.... I've always had very positive results when dealing with you guys, and this latest book is no exception.... Thanks, and I'm sure we'll be trading books again soon. Best, B.

- "Hello Virginia and all the rest of the wonderful people at VJ Books. Wishing youa very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As always thanks in advance for the wonderful book and Great Service!" D.

- "Don't know how I survived before I discovered VJ Books! Knowing I can just log on and in a matter of minutes order a signed 1st edition by my favorite author is one of my great joys in life. The care you take in packaging & the prompt delivery is also greatly appreciated. Thank you for your most excellent service." A.
- "Thanks for the super speedy shipping and the nice packaging. I'm always recommending you guys to my fussy customers who demand pristine quality, and you always come through like champs. Cordially," E.
- "Super fast shipping! Thanks for the collectible book - hope to buy form you again!" C.

- "Just wanted to send a note of thanks to your shipping and packing team! I just received the latest ( signed first ) Linda Castillo novel and it arrived in pristine condition - perfect for the collector. The corners were well padded and the book looked untouched!"

- "Thanks so much for taking the time to make sure my purchase arrived in the best possible condition. Warm Regards," P.

- "Just received my book today and was extremely satisfied. The book arrived in excellent condition. Thank you" C.

- "Hello, Thank you so much for the quick response. I am not surprised at all by your correction of the problem. I knew you would take care of the matter. You have always been great to do business with. My husband and I both have purchased a number of books from you because of your excellent service. Thank you." M.

- "Dear V. and J., Just a note to let know that "A Red Herring Without Mustard" came yesterday in perfect shape! Thank you very much. T.

- "This seller was simply the best! Promptly, fast, and the item book was just as described. A professional dealer and nice to deal with. Why can't other dealers be like VJ Books? Thanks again!" - J.

- "I have finally found my book store! Fantastic customer service. I love to collect books and I received the books in mint condition from this seller. Top notch every time!" A.

- "Hi Virginia, The book has arrived 3 minutes ago!!!!! I just want to say that I am your happiest customer ever! Thank you so much for the effort and for answering everyone of my emails with such care. Ok, going to read now. Thanks again" Tom

- "Rec'd my book today and was very impressed how well it was packed. Thanks" - Carolyn

- "Dear V and J, Tim Dorsey's book, "Electric Barracuda", came today in perfect shape! Thanks for the rapid service!" T.

- "Virginia and John - Thanks for the referring link to the Collectorz book site. It is brilliant. I have over 550 signed books and over 1000 reading books on the database now and find it is a great tool. I have three different databases running and it enables me to keep track of my different collections. I bought the scanner and having great fun and am now going back individually adding the prices and sellers to that database. Great link and thanks for that. I think it is a great idea for book related sites to be linked especially as all your clients are obviously book junkies and you would not link them unless you are satisfied with them and the Company." Phil

- "To whom it may concern: I would like to compliment on the wonderful service I received from an someone named, Virginia who called me back to answer questions about an autograph book I just received from you the other day. I'm thrilled to have found you and to be able to use this book as a special memorable gift. Thanks for your service and staff. Happy Holidays" E.C.

- "Would like to take this opportunity to advise you that I have been totally satisfied with all my previous dealings (either via eBay and now directly on-line). Your efficiency, attention to detail and professionalism are exceptional and something you and your staff should be rightly proud of. A trait many on-line and ‘face to face’ retailers should learn. I myself worked in a ‘service’ environment and judge my service expectation on my own expected level of service, a level to which only a few businesses have attained. In simple terms I am a ‘hard task master’ and you continually pass with ‘flying colours’. Please continue your good work." R.

- "WOW, that is very nice of you. I really didn't write and expect that, but I really appreciate it. I'm pretty sure I'll be placing another order before Christmas; both my husband and I are avid readers, of many authors, but, of course, we both have favorites. And you just happen to offer many of them. Plus, they are such wonderful treasures, signed and 1st editions. And, I especially love how well you pack and protect them when they are shipped. Thanks again so much and I'll be in touch again real soon. Sincerely," C.

- "Warlord" by Ted Bell came today in perfect shape! Thanks for the rapid service. T.

- "Very fast service. The book I ordered was in perfect condition, and I was especially pleased with the packaging that ensured it would not be damaged in transit. Excellent seller. 5 Star Service!" H.

- "Better than described, shipping was quick, item was packaged with great care." K.

- "Five stars to you for promptness, A+ condition, packaging and thorough description of your book. It is a pleasure doing business with you!" C.

- "Hi Virginia, no problem...thank you for the fast reply. I always enjoy visiting and shopping VJ Books and the service and quality are superb. Keeps me coming back! Have a blessed day tomorrow and a great weekend!" Kathy

- "I just thought I would let you know that I received the above book ("The Domino Conspiracy" by Joseph Heywood) from you here in Australia yesterday, Tuesday 10 August. The book is in excellent condition and I would like to thank you again for your prompt service in delivery. I am looking at another book or two that I may order directly with you and I will email you shortly about them. Thanks again, and best regards" D.

- "Thank you and some feedback for you. I rely on the newsletters that you and John prepare for interesting authors that I have not heard of before. A lot of my collection now is from taking your advice from your mail outs and I have enjoyed all the books that so far I have ordered from these emails.

I am looking forward to reading the Jacobson's trilogy and from the sound of it, the books are well worth collecting and reading. Thanks again" Phil

- "Thanks. No worries. You guys have amazing customer service. I have only used your store for a few months now, and I purchase books from you I can pick up in a book store 6 blocks from me because of your prompt delivery, competitive pricing, but most of all your customer service. Thank you" G.

- "I ordered a book through B&N or Amazon; I'm not sure which. All I know is that whoever does your packing and shipping should get a medal and a new job with either of those companies as head of shipping. I have had to take so many Barnes and Noble books back to the store because of lousy packing resulting in bent edges, squashed pages and rips. Amazon is a little better, but not as good as you are.

Thank you so much for putting in the pink insert describing who you are because you are now in my favorites column. You are there because you have the same respect for books that I expect from other book sellers. I am one of those people who look at every book in the stack to find the most pristine one.

I also enjoy collecting signed books. I just had a ball buying up sale books from your site more of those, please. I will be going to you first for many of my authors especially those first editions and signed editions. I just wanted you to know that a job well done does not go unnoticed, and you now have a loyal customer. Even though I have an I-Pad, I am still going to be buying something I can hold in my hand and put on a shelf. As my husband says, I am a purest at heart. Thanks, again. Job well done." P.

- "I was absolutely overjoyed to have received this SIGNED book in time for my husband's 60th birthday getaway weekend!!! This book is the only thing he's asked for, besides "maybe getting a card or two," so VJBOOKS has certainly added to my list of sellers to return to! THANKS!" C.

- "Thanks! You always exceed my expectations! I am a loyal customer of yours and had pre-ordered the new Dean Koontz - Frankenstein 'Lost Souls'. It arrived a couple of days ago and along with it was an extra surprise, a signed copy of Mark Alpert's 'Final Theory'! As I have stated before, you are second-to-none in your field of dealing with fine first edition signed books, and have a very satisfied customer for life. And I would just like to thank you for all your great customer service! And thank you in advance for the outstanding customer service I will undoubtedly receive from you in the future" Dan

- "In today's mail came the Dean Koontz book Frankenstein: Lost Souls, and as always in perfect shape! Again thank you to all at VJ Books for the rapid service and care in shipping." T.

- "I'm absolutely thrilled with the way you have handled my account. Your valuable and thoughtful support is immensely appreciated. All my books have arrived beautifully packaged and preserved ready to join my collection; it's been a pleasure." Cee

- "I have had nothing but helpful and considerate service from all at VJ Books. Fantastic titles beautifully covered and packaged. Each copy I have purchased has survived its journey to 'far off' Australia and arrived in immaculate condition. Cheers to all at VJ Books" D.

- "Thank you very much. You seem like an excellent company and I will recommend you to everyone I know that likes books."

- "I enjoy doing business with you. In fact this friend of mine, because I recommended you, ordered a copy of Cimarron Rose from you today. So as I spread the word about your fine service, you do get more business." Steven

- "Book came today in perfect shape. Thanks very much." Tommy

- "I received my book Blue Heaven and it was in great shape and just like you said it would be, I will be ordering again. Thank you." M.

- "I received my order from you today - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, signed. I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely blown away at how my item arrived. It arrived very quickly and it was packaged so well. I can't thank you enough for an excellent transaction. I will definitely be buying more items from you in the near future. This transaction was fantastic. I will be recommending you to friends, family and co workers. Sincerely," Paul

- "Virginia and John - I just wanted to say it was a great day for me when I discovered you guys. The books I have ordered are beautiful and special and I appreciate the trouble you go to to make them so. I have a book store. I get my books from garage and estate sales and clean them up to sell. It breaks my heart when I can't fix up a book good enough to sell. So far I've been giving them to Good Will because I don't have the heart to throw them out myself. Anyway, thanks for the good service and the great books. Sincerely," C.

- "The quote on fishing was quite wonderfully funny in the recent mailer "Hook, Line and Sinister" (T.J. Parker). I hadn't read those quotes anywhere else and want you to know they are small and significant elements of your mailers/ newsletters. ("Fishing is boring, unless you catch an actual fish, and then it is disgusting." - Dave Barry) Best Wishes," U.

- "Received the huge shipment of this order on Tuesday. Incredible effort of packaging I am sure, all worth the expense of shipping it too. Got all the books, pending one pre-order book of William Peter Blatty. Sad that I couldn't get that Orson Scott Card book, but will watch out for them in future. Everything looks good. David Baldacci and the remainder Ed McBain being very beautiful ones. Brian Herbert and Kevin's books on Dune are great of course. Thanks for the efforts and best wishes," U.D.

- "
I like your friendly customer service. Your books are always as described and most importantly I don't have to worry or wonder if they are going to arrive in the same condition they were in when you mailed them to me. I can tell you there are many people who don't have a clue how to wrap a book for the mail so that if they once had a nice book by the time it has reached me it was damaged and had little value except as a reading copy. Anyway, best wishes to you and John for a great 2013 filled with many fine books. Thank you for running a great business!!" - Paul M.

- "I just received the book I ordered. I think the rating you gave the book is a disservice to the amazing quality! I cannot believe what wonderful condition it is in and the care of handling in which I received it. Thank you so much! I look forward to using your service again." - Steph

- "Thrilled beyond words. Excellent seller. (Also bought Savages from this seller). Would buy from again in a heart beat!!" - R.

- "You can never go wrong with this seller. They always give what they describe. Nothing but quality. I give my 10 star rating. Thanks again!" - Jim

- "Fast Shipping, item exactly - no actually BETTER - than described! - A.

- "Fast delivery! When arrived the book was in better shape than expected! That's what you want with a collectors item! Will order from again! Thanks! - A.

- "Thank you for the courtesy. I'll use the found cash in near future. As an aside, I received last order yesterday. The books were well packaged and arrived in excellent condition. My compliments to the packer!" - R.

- "Got my book quickly and it was in exquisite condition which exceeded my expectations ." - B.

- "Super fast delivery and a fine quality book. Seller is aces." - G.

- "Prompt delivery, item as described, recommend seller." - S.

- "Both James Rollins books were in great condition, was very pleased with both, great seller, have used whenever possible, highly recommend!! " - G.

- "Thanks as always for the prompt processing of my order and quality of the customer service and books which you sell. There is another thing I really enjoy about buying from VJ Books. The sales which you have allow people to buy a book or two from an author they may be unfamiliar with at a price that is both reasonable and which also ensures them a quality condition book for their collection. As a result of your sales, I have become acquainted with several authors that I may not have otherwise enjoyed. Keep up the good work." - C.

- "Hi I just ordered 3 first edition books by Campbell Black. I just wanted to thank you, these were shipped with lots of care and they are in beautiful condition. " - I. Black

- "
I simply love doing business with you thanks for rewards that pop up for us unexpectedly but also for the great service. I sometimes lose track of my orders and order a book twice which I really don't want but one, and I appreciated you giving me a heads up when I do that. You are definitely the best in online book stores....and I've tried most of them once! Thank you!" - Carolyn

- "
The Craig Johnson book arrived and it's beautiful!! It came, as all of yours do, in perfect shape. Thank you so much for the rapid service. - Tom

I just finished Steve Alten's The Omega Project that I purchased from you a short while ago. This was my first reading of this author. Mr. Alten is a superb wordsmith and storyteller! The story and genre reminded me of one of my all time favorite reads Decipher by Stel Pavlou. The Omega Project kept my attention and page turning into the wee hours, and the ending was exceptionally well crafted. I will certainly be ordering more of Mr. Alten's books from you in the near future. Thank you for the continual offering of signed great reads!" - Mitchell