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Dear John:

I have a quick question. I know you always use protective acetate jackets, I do also. How do I protect a dust jacket that is see-through? Like Disclosure by Michael Crichton. When the publisher prints on the book board and the dust jacket is used, and reveals this printed aspect?

John replies:

Regrettably, there is no easy fix for this. When the publisher delivers the book in a clear acetate jacket we cover it as we do all other books. Unfortunately, it leaves you with a white cover and you hide the cover art. We think it better to protect the jacket and obscure the art.


A fellow customer offers:

Someone wrote in to you about what to do to protect the fairly new clear jackets that have been issued on books recently and still not obscure the cover art on the boards. You suggested living with the white background and I can see your point. Better to protect the jacket at all costs, but this method takes away from the charm and originality of the jacket and more importantly, the cover design.

May I suggest to you and your readers to do what I do in these small amount of cases. Brodart and other mylar providers sell protective covers in all sizes. Take a trip to your local library and check out the oversized and coffee table books.

All have Brodart on the jackets. So, what to do about those pesky see-through jackets? Get a very large piece of mylar and carefully cut away the white background paper. Neatly fit by creasing the clear mylar and tape it together with at least a one inch or more overlap. If you take your time and do a neat job, you will end up with a jacket that is mylar protected that does not obscure the art work on the boards. I mentioned the library, as it's hard to buy mylar this size in single sheets. Libraries buy in bulk and their mylar is purchased in rolls. In most cases, they will happily give you a piece for your jacket or sell you one for a mere pittance.

Just make sure that you have your measurements ready before inquiring. Length will be the same as the current cover, but the height will be double plus an inch or two for the overlap. Remember, you are asking for the height of the mylar as one figure, as that's what you're after. You'll be tossing out the white background.

I have done a number of book jackets this way and the results are so good, you'd never know the white background was removed. Simple way for great protection while keeping the original art viewable to all. Let's face it. All collectors want their books to look their very best!

If you think this solution has merit, please pass it on to your friends and customers. They'll be happy you did. I guarantee it.

D. Patric

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