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Dear John:

I notice that UK editions generally are valued more than US editions. Is this because they are a shorter run, or just that books usually cost more in the UK? - Andy

John responds:

In the UK first editions are published as trade paper backs. Historically hard covers were printed only for library use, until US collectors started demanding hardcovers from UK publishers. Nevertheless, UK runs are shorter. This combined with the value of the dollar vs. the pound and transportation costs results in UK editions costing about double their US counterparts upon release. The short run quantities result in a higher after-market increase in UK editions.

The first appearance, or true first edition, of many of our most popular sellers are in editions published in the UK. Many collectors appreciate these books for their superb jacket art and are pleased to add them to their collections. VJ Books offers a wide variety of these signed and unsigned UK editions from popular authors such as James Lee Burke, Michael Crichtonand Robert McCammon.

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