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Dear John:

I just received Philip Kerr's If the Dead Rise Not, and note that it is not the true first edition. According to the copyright page it is the UK Quercus edition of 2009. I checked your description and it indicates a first edition, first printing. Please advise.


Roger (New York)

John responds:

We are a US bookseller and as such, our primary focus is US releases. Our description convention will state "First printing / first edition". This implies that the book being offered is a first US appearance. Reprints will typically state "First thus". When it comes to UK editions, we only offer select authors (Cussler, Lee Child, and a few others) and we will use the term "First UK edition, 1st printing". Neither convention refers to first appearance. This is often difficult to ascertain so we avoid making any representation as to first appearance. I know this is confusing, but we do not have the time or energy to research every title to determine whether the US or UK is the "true" first. We must rely on the collector to make that determination before they purchase.


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