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John explains the connection between Norwood Press and Cahill limited edition books

Dear John:

I have a limited edition slip cased with marbled boards copy of Blue Gold. Bought it from some weird auction probably 7 years ago or so. What do you know about it? It is not a Norwood Press.

I have one of the best Cussler collections in the U.S. Some really rare editions including Iceberg, 1st edition hard back, very good condition, Med Caper paperback, 1973, in near perfect condition, Titanic with signed art work, Titanic with mis-spelling of name, Every 1st edition released in U.S., and every single Norwood Press numbered limited edition. Blue Gold is signed and numbered. Most of my books are signed. I am going to send pictures of Blue Gold. I have never seen another one.

Nick H.

Hi Nick:

Blue Gold by Clive Cussler Limited Numbered EditionIf the book you have is in an orange slipcase here's the skinny on it:

Blue Gold limited edition is technically a Norwood Press edition. It, like a similar treatment for Serpent, were produced as we were ending our relationship with James Cahill. Cahill produced several of our Cussler limited edtions (Pacifc Vortex through White Death). After a disagreement between Cahill and Putnam over Golden Buddha, Norwood Press began publishing activities. The first official title under the Norwood Press imprint was Black Wind.

Serpent and Blue Gold were produced before we had formalized the Norwood imprint, and before we had completely broken ties with Cahill, that is why there is so little information of them.

As these are the only US hardcovers produced for these two titles, they are quite rare and increasingly valuable, sought after by anyone wanting to build a Cussler collection. While not as valuable as a Dodd Meade edition of Iceberg, the issue size is considerable smaller.

Both Serpent and Blue Gold were produced in two states: 52 lettered/signed/slipcased (A-ZZ) and 100 numbered/signed/slipcased. The Serpent spine has "PRIVATE PRESS" embossed near the bottom, and Blue Gold is embossed with "CAHILL." Neither volume has any publisher information in the interior.

Our original price on both volumes was $175 for the numbered, and $250 for the lettered. I just ran a search on both editions and found no copies available for sale, so it is difficult to establish a current value on them, but suffice it to say you'll want to hang onto your copy of Blue Gold.

Hope this helps.

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