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Vince Flynn Autographs

Dear Virginia:

I recently received Last Man by Vince Flynn . This is not an accusation against you, but the signature in it is not even close to any other autograph by him, including other signed books by him that I have in my collection. With no certificate of authenticity, it will not hold its value as an investment especially with the signature that is so different than any other of his. It may have been done by a manager or someone else completely out of your control.

Anyway, I will never be happy with it. I will return it in exactly the same state as I received it. How do I do that?


Virginia Replies:

Hi Rod:

This issue was raised when Last Man first came out. The books came directly from Simon & Schuster and we raised the question about the signature. We were told at that time that the signatures were indeed authentic, but due to fatigue and the size of the signing, the author simplified his signature. We would be happy to send a Statement of Authenticity. Vince Flynn's publicist, David Brown confirmed this to us upon release of the book. "The different V was a function of the fatigue created by signing thousands of books in one sitting."


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