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Author Lewis PerdueLewis Perdue is an entrepreneur, technologist, scientist, professor, author, publisher, journalist, and outdoorsman and New York Times best-selling author of 22 published books.

Perdue's plots grow out of a scientific education, investigative reporting of prominent crimes and felonies in Congress and the White House. He currently performs a variety of services for a private global intelligence firm and a major U.S. law enforcement agency..

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The Perfect Killer
Signed First Edition

The Perfect Killer by Lewis Perdue

Signed First Edition

Slatewiper by Lewis Perdue

Daughter of God
Signed First Edition

Daughter of God by Lewis Perdue
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Daughter of God | Perdue, Lewis | Signed First Edition Book Perdue, Lewis | Daughter of God | Signed First Edition Copy

Author Signed Hardcover Book.  2000 NY: Forge  First edition, first printing, fine in a fine dust jacket, signed by the author.  This is a collectible book free from material defects.  Jacket covering services are available for a small fee.

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Lewis Perdue Select Bibliography


  • The Delphi Betrayal - 1981
  • Queens Gate Reckoning - 1982
  • The DaVinci Legacy - 1983
  • The Tesla Bequest - 1984
  • The Linz Testament - 1985
  • Perfect Killer
  • Zaibatsu - 1988
  • Daughter of God - 2000
  • Slatewiper - 2003
  • Perfect Killer - 2005


  • Washington Connection - 1977 (with Robin Moore and Nick Rowe)
  • Country Inns of Maryland, Virginia & West Virginia - 1977, 1988
  • French Paradox and Beyond: Living Longer with Wine and the Mediterranean Lifestyle - 1992 (with Keith Marton and Wells Shoemaker)
  • Supercharging Your PC - 1987
  • The Wrath of Grapes: The Coming Wine Industry Shakeout and How to Take Advantage of It - 1999
  • The French Paradox and Beyond
  • EroticaBiz
  • The High Technology Editorial Guide and Stylebook - 1991

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