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A Visit with Jeffery Deaver
DeaverMitchell Evan and Jeffery DeaverJeffery Deaver visiting VJ Books for book signing
Last Friday, Mitchell, Evan and I had the priviledge of spending a few moments with Jeffery Deaver. Jeff is on tour, promoting his latest Lincoln Rhyme suspense thriller, The Burning Wire.
Jeff shared his excitement over being selected to pen the next James Bond novel. "I am not writing this book as if I were Ian Fleming. No one can really do that. I am taking the type of story that I generally tell -- a very fast-paced thriller, lots of twists and turns and surprises." The book is set to come out late May 2011.
Virginia and I were at Thrillerfest 2009 when Deaver won Best Thriller of The Year Honors for his novel The Bodies Left Behind. Since that time we have kept in touch, but haven't seen since he visited our warehouse to sign last year's Roadside Crosses.
On another note, Jeff is trying something completely new, a novel written in the first person. Edge will be released in early November, and promises the same high octane suspense we have come to expect from his books. We'll be offering it soon.
With nearly thirty books in print (not mentioning collections and shorts), you can easily find a Deaver title to quench your thirst for riveting suspense. While his Lincoln Rhyme series is his most popular, you can also enjoy his many stand alone novels including Praying For Sleep (1994), A Maiden's Grave (1995), The Devil's Teardrop (1999), Speaking In Tongues (2000), The Blue Nowhere (2001), Garden of Beasts (2004), and of course the thriller of 2009, The Bodies Left Behind (2008).
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