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Author Owen Laukkanen Owen Laukkanen was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1983, and grew up in Windsor, Ontario. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a with a degree in Creative Writing. After graduation, he struggled to find work, and wound up reporting on professional poker, a job which took him around the world for the next three years. He has also worked as a fisherman.

In 2009, Laukkanen began working on his first novel. The result, The Professionals, was published in 2012, and later developed into a series. The Professionals earned 4 award nominations, including an Anthony and a Barry. He has published a novel every year since.

Laukkanen and his dog currently spend their time in Vancouver B.C. and Prince Edward Island.

Owen Laukkanen Book List
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Lone Jack Trail
Signed First Edition

Lone Jack Trail by Owen Laukkanen

Deception Cove
Signed First Edition

Deception Cove by Owen Laukkanen

Gale Force
Signed First Edition

Gale Force by Owen Laukkanen

The Forgotten Girls
Signed First Edition

The Forgotten Girls by Owen Laukkanen

Watcher in the Wall
Signed First Edition

Watcher in the Wall by Owen Laukkanen

The Stolen Ones
Signed First Edition

The Stolen Ones by Owen Laukkanen

Owen Laukkanen Bibliography

FBI Agents Carla Windermere & Kirk Stevens Series

  1. The Professionals - 2012
  2. Criminal Enterprise - 2013
  3. Kill Fee - 2014
  4. The Stolen Ones - 2015
  5. Watcher in the Wall - 2016
  6. The Forgotten Girls - 2017

Neah Bay Series

  • Deception Cove - May 2019
  • Lone Jack Trail - August 2020

Other Novels

  • Gale Force - May 2018

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