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Ralph Peters

Ralph Peters Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (RET) is a writer, strategist, commentator and retired military officer. He is the author of 24 books and more than seven hundred columns, articles, essays and reviews. As a soldier, he served in Infantry and Military Intelligence units before becoming a Foreign Area Officer specializing in Russia and surrounding states. Special assignments took him to Southeast and Central Asia, to the Caucasus, to the Kremlin, to Pakistan and Burma, to the Andean Ridge and the southwest border of the United States.

He has written over a dozen novels under his own name, eight more as Owen Parry, and ten non-fiction titles. His first novel BRAVO ROMEO (1981) is a spy thriller set in West Germany. Peters' novels have progressed from futuristic scenarios involving the Red Army to contemporary terrorism and failed state issues. With characters that are often military mavericks with the knowledge and courage to tackle problems others cannot, his books reach deep into the headlines for storylines that follow the strategic arcs of our era: the agonized collapse of Europe's empires Đ climaxing in the Soviet Union's demise Đ and now, amid the chaos and fanaticism, the belief on the part of once-mighty powers that they can rebuild fallen empires.

Valley of the ShadowHis latest VALLEY OF THE SHADOW, takes us along on a daring Confederate raid that nearly seized Washington, D.C., to a stunning reversal on the bloody fields of Cedar Creek, in the summer and autumn of 1864 that witnessed some of the fiercest fighting of our Civil WarĐin mighty battles now all but forgotten. Sharp as a bayonet and piercing as a bullet, Valley of the Shadow is a great novel of our grandest, most-tragic war.

Peters is the two-time recipient of the W.Y. Boyd Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction from the American Library Association, and well worth your consideration.