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Dear John:

"I have a dumb question regarding Stephen King books. A book store clerk told me yesterday that Stephen King 1st editions are not very collectible or worth much unless they are signed by Stephen King. Is this true? I would think books signed by Stephen King would be next to impossible to find and/or collect. Am I wrong?" (E. Evans, KS)

John responds:

"His early works are scarce in collectible condition, even unsigned. We recently obtained and sold a 1st/1st copy of Gun Slinger, for instance, for $1200 unsigned. With that said, they aren't "worthless" however, they are "worth less" (2 words) than a signed copy of the same book. As a fan of Stephen King, and want to build a library of his work, clean, 1st editions are more desirable than a dog-eared paperback.

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