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Dear John:

I got my copy of The Passage by Justin Cronin and can't wait for the movie. My question is this: My copy has six printing errors that consist of duplicated sentences, part of a paragraph left out all in a matter of a couple pages. Do these printing errors make the book more or less valuable?
I have checked many, many other peoples copies and have not found any copies like mine. Im sure there are a lot and it was just a printing error on a run. They are glaring errors like the proofreader fell asleep. Is there any effect on the book value. Thanks for all the books over the years. I will keep buying!

R. Speer

John replies:
Uniqueness typically results in higher collectible values. The question becomes "How unique is it?" and "How notable is the book?" Because The Passage was such a notable book, and the first of a trilogy, I would say that it qualifies as a collectible item. I have not been able to get reliable information on the frequency of the printing error. We have seen other reports of it (as delineated below), so it is not unique to you, but it is somewhat scarce.

If we were talking about collectible stamps the issue would be less confusing, because printing errors always command higher prices. In fact, when an inverted printing of a 1964 was discovered the US postal service intentionally printed more of the error to prevent inflated prices for the error.

Personally, I would collect The Passage in both states. If not monetarily more valuable it will provide a curious variety to your collection. These are the nuances we've learned about:

1. the bottom of page 268 third line from the bottom starting with "wheels of the semi-trailers" starts again on top of page 269.

2. Page 270 should start with "Why did they do it? Peter wondered-as he had wondered through all the nights he'd stood. Why did they come home, the ones who'd been taken" These were left out of the book.

3. The last two lines of 270 starting with "he sat on his mat" starts again at the top of 271.

4. The last sentence " None of the other Colonies" on page 271 is never finished on page 272. Its missing " had been heard fromin years; the last Taos Colony had fallen almost eighty years ago. Their final transmission, back before the separation of". Then it picks up correctly.

5. The last two lines of page 272 starting with " spoke to Diamond" starts again on page 273.

6. The last three words on 273 "Their father had" is never completed on page 274. Page 274 starts with" hold and even". It's missing "claimed he'd seen a Walker there, a solitary figure darting in the moonlit shadows, just before the virals attacked. But by that time, with the House". This sentence should have started page 274.


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