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How to Understand the Publishing Information in Mira Books Publications

Nick Writes:

May I please see a picture of the copyright page of this book?

Title: Braffet, Kelly | Unwilling, The | Signed First Edition Book
Author: Braffet, Kelly
Publisher: MIRA

Thanks in advance.

John Replies:
Nicholas -

Mira 1st editions, 1st printings have no indication of edition on the copyright page. Later printings typically include a number line with the lowest number being 2 - indicating a 2nd printing. The distributor assures us that these copies (that we have) are the true first printings. The email address on the copyright address: is a promotional link to a book club web page. It does not indicate that this copy is a book club edition.

The book club edition does not have a price on the front flyleaf, nor does it have a barcode on the back jacket cover.


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