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Dear John:
I received a book that is not signed on the title page. It was on the first blank page inside the cover of the book. I thought that a book signed anywhere other than the complete title page is not worth the same as one signed on the title page. Is this true? What is VJ Books' policy regarding tip-in pages?


John responds:

The process of authors signing on blank pages, known as tip-ins, that are then added to the production run of the book, is becoming more standard.
These editions are produced by the publisher to meet the growing demand of the collector for author-signed books. Historically, while books signed on the full title page have been the preference, where the book is signed has not affected the value. Some authors (i.e. Orson Scott Card) have chosen to sign on other pages because of the unique nature of their signature.
Most authors do not tour and publishers have reduced the schedule for those authors that do, making it more difficult to secure signed books. As this process grows, a wider variety of signed books are becoming available to the collector. VJ Books no longer designates between the signed tipped-in page and the book signed elsewhere.
We don't consider hand-signed tip-in books of lesser value. However, we will continue to alert the collector to books that are signed on a book plate, whether and where the book plate is attached, or whether it is simply "laid in" to the book.
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