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Dear John:

This is a follow up to a previous email regarding older first edition signed books. I just bought Cyclops by Clive Cussler which came to me in fantastic condition, and I am very happy with it.
It came out originally in 1986 and I was surprised to see it available on your web site. I missed out on a copy of The Romanov Prophecy "Steve Berry" from 2004 a couple of weeks ago. My question is, are these older books already in your inventory when they get listed or do you aquire them from another source and then list them? Is there a spot on your web site for me to check should any older books becomes available or do you have any other avenues for me to explore through VJ books? I also utilize abebooks and a few other internet sites for older collectable books.
Thanks and happy holidays
B. Ross
John replies:
We are constantly on the outlook for earlier titles by those authors that we feature. We get them through acquisitions, from book scouts and good old fashioned "book hunting". We then get them signed on the next visit from the author.
We are always accumulating back list titles and when we meet up with a particular author, get them signed, and immediately list them in our "What's New" category. As books are more collectible signed we will not list unsigned copies that are in our stock if we anticipate a signing in the foreseeable future

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