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"Where can you buy protective covers for books?"

Jeff writes:

I own signed hardback and paperback books. I'm looking for suggestions as to the best clear dust jacket covers/clear book jacket covers to purchase, including the manufacturer and product type. I don't want to use adhesive - I just want a clear material that I can easily fold over each book. I also don't want to use any type of bag over the entire book. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide.


John replies:

Hi Jeff,

We do not carry any covers for paperbacks. We have found that comic books bags are the most economical way to protect paperbacks.

I understand that you do not wish to use bags. I have seen some specialty dealers (and collecters) use clear acetate. They buy acetate in sheets, then cut them to fit and crease at the folds. These do give a nice presentation, but are somewhat laborious.

I have used precuts on my paperbacks in the past. They may be a better solution for you. Here is a link to one supplier (others probably available on the internet once you know what you are looking for. Check it out:

For hardcover dust jackets, we do offer Jacket Covers for purchase here.

Hope this helps,

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