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"What is 'Double-Signing' in a Book? And Do You Offer Personalized Autographs?"

Lynn B. writes:

Hello, may I inquire what a "double-signing" is for a pre-ordered book? I have ordered a signed copy of both of the new Spencer Quinn books - "Tender is the Bite" and also "It's a Wonderful Woof". The second book ("It's a Wonderful Woof") is due to be released in October 2021. These are both signed books by the author. Is it possible to get the pre-ordered book with a personalized autograph? This is to be a gift for someone who collects these books. Thank you so much!

-Lynn B.

Virginia replies:

Hi Lynn -
Welcome to the world of book collecting!

A double-signed book is literally signed by both authors, i.e. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler. Here's a link to that category of books:

I am sorry that we don't offer personalized editions. We cater to a collector - the completionist, fan, collector - and a personalized edition actually devalues the collectible book. We grade both the book and jacket (that can make up to 60% of the value of the book!), and put the jacket in a protective acetate cover.

You might have noticed that we have an extensive backlist of inventory. Most book dealers order from the publisher and return what is unsold. We don't return the inventory but keep it in pristine condition. The logic is that once a collector finds a series, author, or storyline they enjoy they will want to collect all of that author's work - making a complete and appreciating collection.


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