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Dear VJ Books:

I recently stumbled across your youtube channel, specially on the topic of bookplates. While I had not considered bookplates for their autograph perspective, What is your thought on personalized bookplates for an individuals library?


Virginia replies:

Hi Jason -

As collector's we don't recommend personalized (inscribed) signatures. We encourage folks to see their collection as an appreciable asset, and if the inscription name doesn't fit the book owner (assuming you sell your collection someday), the book will not have as much value as simply signed.

Bookplates are a bit different. For us, bookplates are never stuck/adhered inside a book. Rather, they are gentle placed within the inside dust jacket (between it and the acetate cover). Then, if the book collector happens to obtain a hand-signed edition, the book plate can be removed and laid in to another (unsigned) edition.

In all things collecting - value is in the eye of the beholder!

Thanks for asking!

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