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Chris Writes:

Good morning,

I am in search of an anniversary present for my Wife. She LOVES signed books and Iíve bought her several from you guys before. She loves Robert McCammon, and she just got his last signed book from the Matthew Corbett series. I would like to find something similar for her. She is a fan of all his books, along with Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and other weird mysterious books. Can you offer me a suggestion of a signed hardback book she might like?


John Replies:


Thanks for thinking of us.

The newest voice in that particular genre is Blake Crouch. I love his stuff. He broke away from the NY publishing houses for awhile and self-published several of his books. The best of the bunch is PINES. It was made into a hit TV series.

After his success his next big book started a bidding war with Crown Publishing paying seven figures for it. Days later Sony Pictures paid a similar amount for the movie rights. That book is DARK MATTER. I highly recommend it.

Blake's latest, just released, is RECURSION. I just finished it and its great. So I would pick-up RECURSION, DARK MATTER, and PINES. If you need more grab RUN.

She will not be disappointed.

All the best.

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