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Author David Weber David Mark Weber was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952 and grew up in South Carolina. He became interested in writing as a child, and by high school he was already writing advertising copy for his mother, who worked in the field. He earned his undergraduate degree from Warren Wilson College and went on to Graduate with a master's degree in History from Appalachian State University.

Although Weber has been writing professionally, almost without continuously, since the age of 17, his shift to novel-writing took place when he began writing short stories set in the universe of the Task Force game Starfire, which he was working on as a designer. These stories grew into a collaborative novel written with author Stephen White, and is now an entire series. He has now published over seventy-five titles, numerous of which have made it onto the New York Times Best Seller list.

Weber is best known for his Honorverse series, which follows its namesake, Honor Harrington, a young officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy, as well as others in her universe. His genres of choice are space opera and military science fiction, but he has also dabbled in alternate history and epic fantasy. His writing tends to center around strong, detailed characters with rich backstories, and his stories make excellent use of his love of history, especially military history.

Weber currently lives Greenville, South Carolina with his wife, Sharon, their three children, and "a passel of dogs".

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War of Honor
Limited Edition

War of Honor by David Weber

Echos of Honor
Limited Edition

Echos of Honor by David Weber

Honor Among Enemies
Signed Limited Edition

Honor Among Enemies by David Weber

Cauldron of Ghosts
Double-Signed 1st Ed.

Cauldron of Ghosts by David Weber & Eric Flint

The Shadow of Saganami
Advance Reading Copy

The Shadow of Saganami by David Weber
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Ashes of Victory | Weber, David | Signed Limited Edition Book Weber, David | Ashes of Victory | Signed Limited Edition Book

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David Weber Selected* Bibliography

Honor Harrington Series

  1. On Basilisk Station - 1993; Limited Edition 2013
  2. The Honor of the Queen - 1993
  3. The Short Victorious War - 1994
  4. Field of Dishonor - 1994
  5. Flag in Exile - 1995; Limited Edition - 2016
  6. Honor Among Enemies - 1996; Limited Edition 2017
  7. In Enemy Hands - 1997; Limited Edition 2018
  8. Echoes of Honor - 1998; Limited Edition May 2018
  9. Ashes of Victory - 2000
  10. War of Honor - 2002; Limited Edition February 2019
  11. At All Costs - 2005
  12. Mission of Honor - 2010
  13. A Rising Thunder - 2012


  1. Crown of Slaves - 2004
  2. The Shadow of Saganami - 2009
  3. Storm from the Shadows - 2009
  4. Torch of Freedom - 2013
  5. Shadow of Freedom - 2013
  6. Cauldron of Ghosts - 2014
  7. Shadow of Victory - 2016

Honorverse Anthologies

  1. More Than Honor - 1998
  2. Worlds of Honor - 1999
  3. Changer of Worlds - 2001
  4. The Service of the Sword - 2003
  5. In Fire Forged - 2011

Honorverse Companion

  • House of Steel - 2013 (includes the novella I Will Build a House of Steel by David Weber)

Young Adult Series
Weber's chronologically earliest Honorverse novels, they focus on Stephanie Harrington and the discovery of treecats.

  1. A Beautiful Friendship - 2011
  2. Fire Season - October - 2012 (with Jane Lindskold)
  3. Treecat Wars - 2013 (with Jane Lindskold)

Tales of Honor Graphic Novels

  1. On Basilisk Station #1 - 2014
  2. On Basilisk Station #2 - 2014 (with Jane Lindskold)
  3. On Basilisk Station #3 - 2014
  4. On Basilisk Station #4- 2014

War God Series - Featuring Bahzell Bahnakson

  1. Oath of Swords - 1995 - Paperback
  2. War God's Own - 1998
  3. Wind Rider's Oath - 2004
  4. War Maid's Choice - 2004; Limited Edition - 2016

Novellas and short stories related to the Honor Harrington series. Edited by David Weber

  1. More Than Honor - January 1998
  2. Worlds of Honor - February 1999
  3. Changer of Worlds - March 2001
  4. The Service of the Sword - 2003
  5. In Fire Forged - February 2011

Wages of Sin Sub-Series

  1. Crown of Slaves - 2003 (with Eric Flint)
  2. Torch of Freedom - 2009 (with Eric Flint)
  3. Cauldron of Ghosts - 2014 (with Eric Flint)

Saganami Sub-Series

  1. The Shadow of Saganami - 2004
  2. Storm from the Shadows - 2009
  3. Shadow of Freedom - 2013

*To see the author's bibliography, please visit their website.

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