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Rebecca MoestaRebecca Moesta is the author of several science fiction books. Although born in Germany, Rebecca was born to American parents and raised in Pasadena, California, where she lived until her early twenties. Rebecca graduated with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Cal State L.A.. and shortly after graduation married a former classmate from Caltech, becoming Rebecca Moesta Cowan.

In 1981, the couple moved to New Haven, Connecticut, where they lived for one year until they moved to Darmstadt, Germany, until 1987. In Germany Rebecca took graduate courses with Boston University and earned a Master of Science degree in Business Administration. During their stay in Germany she gave birth to her son, Jonathan, before moving back to the United States and settling in Livermore, California.

In 1989, Rebecca took a position at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a proof reader and copy editor. There she formed a science fiction club in which she met her future husband Kevin J. Anderson. She divorced her first husband in 1990 and married Anderson in 1991.

The couple started working together writing science fiction novels and to date has written two Titan A.E. young adult novels, two high-tech pop-up books and fourteen Star Wars novels, the Young Jedi Knights series. The couple owns and runs the company Wordfire, and Rebecca is currently working on several new projects, including copy editing her husband's works.

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Rebecca Moesta Bibliography

Crystal Doors Series

  1. Island Realm - 2006
  2. Ocean Realm - 2007
  3. Sky Realm - 2008

Star Challengers Series (with Kevin J. Anderson)

  1. Moonbase Crisis - 2010
  2. Space Station Crisis - 2011
  3. Asteroid Crisis - 2011

Other Novels

  • Supernova - 2000 (with Kevin J. Anderson)
  • A Christmas to Remember - 2018

Series contributed to:

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights (with Kevin J. Anderson)

  1. Heirs of the Force - 1995
  2. Shadow Academy - 1995
  3. The Lost Ones - 1995
  4. Lightsabers - 1996
  5. Darkest Knight - 1996
  6. Jedi Under Siege - 1996
  7. Shards of Alderaan - 1997
  8. Diversity Alliance - 1997
  9. Delusions of Grandeur - 1997
  10. Jedi Bounty - 1997
  11. The Emperor's Plague - 1998
  12. Return to Ord Mantell - 1998
  13. Trouble in Cloud City - 1998
  14. Crisis at Crystal Reef - 1998

Star Wars: Junior Jedi Knights

  1. The Golden Globe - 1995 (with Nancy Ann Richardson)
  2. Promises - 1996 (wtih nancy Ann Richardson)
  3. Anakin's Quest - 1997
  4. Vader's Fortress - 1997
  5. Kenobi's Blade - 1997

Titan A.E. (with Kevin J. Anderson)

  • Akima's Story - 2000
  • Cale's Story - 2000

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Little Things - 2002

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