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Author Terry GoodkindTerry Goodkind (1948 - 2020) was born in Omaha, Nebraska, where he was raised. Before becoming an author, he had been a cabinet-maker, luthier, artist, restorer of rare artifacts, and race car driver. The last of which, he continued to pursue part-time while writing. Goodkind was passionate about liberty and politics and considered himself a friend to animals. He had no substantial writing experience prior to novel-writing, but he took to with great enthusiasm and success.

Goodkind was a talented story-teller who writes primarily fantasy, as well as the occasional thriller. His work often explored human cruelty and philosophical themes, and as such, have generated a certain amount of controversy. His books have been incredibly popular, with his The Sword of Truth series being translated into more than 20 languages and selling 25 million copies. It has also been adapted for television as Legend of the Seeker, which consists of two seasons. To date, he has published over 20 novels. You can find a selection of Terry Goodkind signed books below this author biography.

Terry Goodkind Book List
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Heart of Black Ice
Signed First Edition

Heart of Black Ice by Terry Goodkind

Siege of Stone
Signed First Edition

Siege of Stone by Terry Goodkind

Shroud of Eternity
Signed First Edition

Shroud of Eternity by Terry Goodkind

Death's Mistress
Signed First Edition

Death's Mistress by Terry Goodkind

Signed First Edition

Nest by Terry Goodkind

Omen Machine
Signed First Edition

The Omen Machine by Terry Goodkind

Terry Goodkind Bibliography

The Sword of Truth series, with sub-series in order:

The Sword of Truth - Darken Rahl

  1. Wizard's First Rule - 1994
  2. Stone of Tears - 1995

Sword of Truth - Imperial Order

  1. Debt of Bones - 1998 (prequel novella)
  2. Blood of the Fold - 1996
  3. Temple of the Winds - 1997
  4. Soul of the Fire - 1999
  5. Faith of the Fallen - 2000

Sword of Truth - Pristinely Ungifted

  1. Pillars of Creation - 2002
  2. Naked Empire - 2003

Sword of Truth - Chainfire

  1. Chainfire - 2005
  2. Phantom - 2006
  3. Confessor - 2007

Sword of Truth - The Darklands

  1. The Omen Machine - 2011
  2. The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus - 2012
  3. The Third Kingdom - 2013
  4. Severed Souls - 2014
  5. Warheart - 2015

The Nicci Chronicles (Sword of Truth universe, but standalone storyline)

  1. Death's Mistress: Sister of Darkness, Volume I - 2017
  2. Death's Mistress: Shroud of Eternity, Volume II - 2018
  3. Death's Mistress: Siege of Stone, Volume III - December 2018
  4. Heart of Black Ice - January 2020

Other Novels

  • Nest - 2016

Short Stories

  • Debt of Bones - 1998 (included in an anthology titled Legends)

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