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Great writers write, and great characters live on!
June 22 - One thing is certain when it comes to great writers . . . they write - even after their time has passed. In recent years, some of the finest writers at work in modern fiction put aside their own characters and story lines to pick up the mantle for those authors who can no longer pen their own stories. I am excited to have learned that Don Winslow is hard at work writing a sequel to Trevanian's hallmark work Shibumi, and Jeffery Deaver has been chosen by the family of Ian Fleming to write the next James Bond adventure.

This trend becomes even more evident as best selling authors join forces and combine talents to bring us unique stories and exciting new characters. Clive Cussler has teamed up with others to expand his franchise from his Dirk Pitt series. Since 1999, Cussler co-author Paul Kemprecos has brought us stories of the Numa Files, while NY Times bestselling author, Jack DuBrul, has left his hero Phil Mercer parked on a stool at Tiny's bar, while he writes The Oregon Files featuring Juan Cabrillo. Cussler even passed the Pitt series to his son Dirk in 2004 with BLACK WIND. Clive recently shared with me that he has just finished editing the fourth book written by the father-son team, CRESCENT DAWN, scheduled for a November release.

Last year Cussler brought Grant Blackwood aboard to co-author his new series featuring Sam and Remi Fargo. Blackwood, a gifted author who brought us the Briggs Tanner stories, has also found time to co-author the next Jack Ryan novel with Tom Clancy. Clancy has worked with many co-authors in the past, but with Dead or Alive this is the first time he has entrusted the Ryan character to another.

The recent release of THE BOURNE OBJECTIVE marks the fifth time that Eric Van Lustbader has revisited the world of the late Robert Ludlum's most visible superspy, Jason Bourne. Since Ludlum's death in 2001, several best selling authors have carried his trademark style forward including Gayle Lynds, Philip Shelby, Patrick Larkin, and James Cobb.

This brings us to Justin Scott. His second Isaac Bell adventure, co-written with Clive Cussler, THE SPY, opened at #3 on the NY Times list. Justin has just shared with us that a new Isaac Bell called THE AVIATRIX is scheduled for next June, and Scott, writing as Paul Garrison is at work on another book in the Paul Janson series, for the estate of his old friend Robert Ludlum.

Great writers write, and great characters live on!

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