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Dear John:

Reader question: Fantasy readers, what is your best new discovery of a great fantasy book series?

John replies:

Three authors have gotten a lot of traction with our customers.

The first I offer is Pierce Brown. He has four books in his series, Red Rising (2014), Golden Son (2015), Morning Star (2016), and Iron Gold (2018).

Next consider Mark Lawrence. He lives in the UK, and entered the scene with The Prince of Thorns (2011). He completed his Broken Empire Series with King of Thorns (2012) and Emperor of Thorns (2013). He followed those with The Red Queen's War Series that includes Prince of Fools (2014), The Liar's Key (2015) and The Wheel of Osheim (2016). His current series, The Book of the Ancestor, includes Red Sister (2017), Grey Sister (2018), and Holy Sister (release date not yet announced).

Id round out this fantasy trifecta with Brian McClellan. His The Powder Mage trilogy includes Promise of Blood (2013), The Crimson Campaign (2014), and The Autumn Republic (2015). He followed that with the Gods of Blood and Powder trilogy beginning with Sins of Empire (2017), Wrath of Empire (2018), and a yet to be announced third book.

Hope this helps.


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