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Dear John:

I have been watching your website for some time and enjoy the information. I am a fan of DeMille, Flynn, Silva, Connelly, Child, Crais, and Thor. I would like your opinion on C.J. Box or any other author you feel strongly about.


John Replies:

Dear Greg:

I'm so glad you asked!

C.J. Box's Joe Pickett series is one of the most popular in the western genre. With every new Joe Prickett novel, C.J. Box combines high suspense, solid characters, and great plotting. We highly recommend him and carry all of his titles.

Other authors you might consider include Ben Coes, Noah Boyd and Craig Johnson (Longmire series is on T.V.). Serpent's Tooth (Apr. 2013) is getting very good reviews!
Jon Land and Alan Jacobson would be worth considering. If you pick up the current edition of Strand Magazine it features two new short stories by C.J. Box and Jon Land (for a taste).


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